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Lakewood Youth Baseball Brawl Investigation Results In 12 Citations

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) - Police in Lakewood say they have now issued citations for disorderly conduct to 12 people who were involved in a brawl at a youth baseball game earlier this month. The fight between men and women as well as one 16-year-old was caught on camera, and police shared videos with the public in hopes of identifying those involved.

(credit: Lakewood Police)

The police department said Thursday that all of those who participated in the June 15 fighting have been identified. Their names -- minus the name of the juvenile -- are as follows (in descending order of age):

Ernest Vigil, 55, of Denver
Manuel Garduno, 47, of Denver
Melissa Irizarry, 30, of Lakewood
Anaise Amaya, 30, of Lakewood
Ean Vigil, 29, of Lakewood
Maximinio Marquez, 29, of Denver
Danielle McNellis, 29, of Denver
Manuel Garduno Jr., 29, of Denver
Martina Garduno, 27, of Denver
Darren Garduno, 26, of Denver
David Williams, 24, of Littleton

Williams is an employee of Denver Public Works. The city department placed him on investigatory leave a week ago after learning of his alleged involvement.

The fight broke out on Westgate Elementary School's baseball diamond in the middle of a Bear Creek Junior Baseball game. It erupted after a 13-year-old umpire said one of the players batted out of order.

baseball brawl (10)
(credit: Lakewood Police)

On the video, the participants can be seen punching and pushing each other as others look on from the other side of the fence. One person can be heard starting to pray during the melee. The young players can also be seen running off the field.

baseball brawl (8)
(credit: Lakewood Police)

Afterwards, the Bear Creek Junior Sports Association said it has zero tolerance for such behavior and canceled the remaining games for both teams of 7-year-olds.

Police on Thursday thanked witnesses to the fight as well as people that watched the videos online and contacted them. They said they'd "like to extend our gratitude to our amazing community who stepped up to help us identify the parties involved."

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