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Businessmen Take Chance On Colorado's First 'Brewstillery'

KREMMLING, Colo. (CBS4) - Some breweries across Colorado are scaling back their operations because they say the market is too saturated. However, on a snowy October morning in rural Grand County, three businessmen headed into work.

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Three businessmen talk about owning Colorado's first "brewstillery." (credit: CBS)

A brewer, a distiller and a chef are joining forces to create the state's first-of-its-kind "brewstillery" and restaurant under one roof.

The Dean West is expanding operations in the quiet, little cattle town between Silverthorne and Steamboat Springs.

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Three businessmen talk about owning Colorado's first "brewstillery." (credit: CBS)

"It's a big surprise for most of them who stop in here," master distiller Red Waldron told CBS4 Monday.

Waldron, restauranteur Jon Harvey and brewer Rick Reliford came together to create beer, spirits and a full menu of food from their Grand County location.

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Three businessmen talk about owning Colorado's first "brewstillery." (credit: CBS)

"For all three of us to be able to take our own craft and be very unique in it and very diligent," Jon Harvey said.

First came the brewery.

"We noticed that Kremmling did not have a brewery. We decided maybe there should be a brewery in Kremmling," Reliford explained.

Now the newly remodeled building is home to a restaurant and the distillery.

"I'm originally from West Virginia, sort of where I picked up distilling, moonshining and then moved out here about 12 years ago," Waldron said.

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Three businessmen talk about owning Colorado's first "brewstillery." (credit: CBS)

Since they are the first to attempt this type of trifecta, they found a long road full of bureaucratic red tape.

"From all the paperwork for permits that we have to do, bringing all the equipment in, it's been a long journey," Waldron said.

As the boiling and filtering, frying and pouring continues inside this little corner of Colorado they just hope their gamble continues to pay off.

"People are really excited to be at the first 'brewstillery' in Colorado," Harvey said.

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