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New Court Documents Reveal Possible Motive In Kelsey Berreth Death

DENVER (CBS4) - New court documents filed in federal court Friday suggest a possible motive for Kelsey Berreth's death. Berreth's parents are bringing the wrongful death lawsuit against her fiancé Patrick Frazee.

Berreth's parents allege that Frazee murdered their daughter because she refused to give him full custody of their 1-year-old daughter Kaylee.

Berreth was last seen on Thanksgiving near Woodland Park. The 29-year-old's body has not been found, but authorities do not believe she is alive. Frazee was arrested and charged in connection with her death after a month-long search.

"Upon information and belief, Frazee had the motive to kill Kelsey in that he wanted full custody of [Kaylee Berreth] and/or Kelsey to leave [Kaylee Berreth] with him and Kelsey would not agree," the amended civil complaint reads.

kelsey berreth patrick frazee
Patrick Frazee and Kelsey Berreth (credit: Facebook/Missing Mother - Kelsey Berreth)

The complaint continues by alleging that Frazee told Berreth's mother Cheryl-Lee several lies "knowing that Kelsey was dead because he had killed her, or caused her to be killed, on November 22, 2018."

On Dec. 2, 2018, the filing states that Cheryl-Lee Berreth called Frazee to ask him if everything was "okay." Frazee responded "here's the story...," then proceeding to lie repeatedly about his breakup with Berreth, their custody status, future plans for November 25, and frustrations they were having in their relationship. Following that call, Cheryl-Lee Berreth called the Woodland Park Police and asked for officers to check on Berreth at her home. Officers then reported back that her vehicles were at the house, but no one was answering the door. At that point, Cheryl-Lee Berreth asked Frazee to print a copy of Berreth's phone records.

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The next day, Frazee called Cheryl-Lee Berreth and said he couldn't access her phone records because he "didn't know the answers to the access questions," and that he thought Berreth may have opened her own phone plan, and changed her number. Frazee also told Cheryl-Lee "I love your daughter," and that Woodland Park was a safe place and they "didn't need to worry about foul play."

kelsey berreth safeway
Kelsey Berreth seen of surveillance video from Safeway the day she disappeared. (credit: CBS)

Frazee was arrested on December 21, 2018 and charged in Berreth's murder.

On Feb. 8, Krystal Lee Kenney, an associate of Frazee's, testified that he told her that he killed murdered Berreth on or about Nov. 22, 2018.

Frazee is due in a Teller County court on Tuesday for his preliminary hearing.

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