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'Laid Back, Social' Kazi The Giraffe Dies At The Denver Zoo

DENVER (CBS4) - Denver Zoo announced the unexpected passing of one of their reticulated giraffes. Kazi joined the herd in September.

Zoo officials say Kazi died from complications following a routine castration. The zoo says the procedure is common to help decrease the competitive, aggressive nature among male giraffes.

Kazi (credit: Denver Zoo)

The goal was to have Kazi and Dobby, the zoo's other young giraffe, live together harmoniously.

Health officials at the zoo says the procedure was successful, however Kazi started to have trouble breathing after anesthesia. He later died.

Kazi giraffe (Denver Zoo)
Kazi (credit: Denver Zoo)

Staff immediately tried to resuscitate Kazi, which included reintubating him and performing CPR.

Kazi arrived from the Milwaukee Zoo.

"We expect Dobby and Kazi to become fast friends and manage all sorts of mischief together in the giraffe habitat," officials said in September.

Dobby (credit: CBS)

Giraffe care team members describe Kazi as laid back and social who loved guests.

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