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Woman Accused Of DWI In Deadly Motorcycle Crash Free On Bond

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)- The woman accused of hitting and killing a motorcyclist while driving impaired is out of jail on bond. With the assistance of a bail bondsman, Kassy Winburn was released from the Larimer County Jail on a $30,000 bond.

Kassy Winburn (credit: CBS)

Winburn, a repeat DUI offender, is accused of killing Joe Kroiss in June. Winburn was also connected to a previous fatal car crash.

(credit: Kroiss Family)

The Larimer County District Attorney's Office told CBS4's Dillon Thomas they requested the bond be set at more than double that amount, which the magistrate agreed to. An explanation from the judicial system as to why Windburn's criminal history did not warrant a higher bond payment was not provided to CBS4 upon multiple requests.

Kassy Mae Winburn MUG NEW
Kassy Winburn (credit: Fort Collins)

At her first bond hearing on Wednesday, Winburn appeared in court wearing black pants, shoes and shirt. Expanded media coverage, which would allow CBS4's cameras in the courtroom to cover the case, was denied by the judge.

Police records show Winburn was cited for driving without a license just weeks before she allegedly killed Kroiss.

(credit: CBS)

In June, following her husband's death, Erica Kroiss told CBS4 she didn't understand how someone with such an extensive history with driving impaired, and causing injury or death to others, was able to be free.

(credit: CBS)

"Something needs to change. First DWI could be a mistake, but you are supposed to learn," Erica Kroiss said. "This lady didn't have a wakeup call, and it's changed a lot of people's lives."

Many on social media, and in public, were curious why Winburn's bond was not denied, or set at a higher rate. One explanation may be found in a document obtained by CBS4 from the Larimer County Records Office. As a part of her bond, Winburn must take a breathalyzer at least three times a day to prove she is not consuming alcohol. She must also submit to other drug related tests, and cannot leave the State of Colorado.

(credit: CBS)

In her previous interview, Kroiss said the loss of her husband, the father to four girls, was tragic. She said it made it even more difficult on the family, knowing the death was allegedly caused by someone with a record of unsafe driving.

"Somedays I am just furious," Kroiss said. "A lot of tears. We have tears every day. (I) hope for a happy ending. As happy as it can be for everybody. Something good can, and will, come from this."

(credit: CBS)

Winburn's next court appearance was scheduled for six weeks from her bond hearing.

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