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Video Shows Loveland Police Sergeant Defending Officers' Forceful Arrest Of Karen Garner

LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) - New documents and video reveal that a Loveland Police Department internal investigation approved of the use of force on a woman with dementia. It was June of last year when 73-year-old Karen Garner was arrested for taking $14 worth of items from a store.

loveland pd youtube video
(credit: YouTube)

Now comes a new video that shows a citizen complaining to a police supervisor about the way that Garner was treated.

Karen Garner Case - Sgt. Metzler Gaslighting Concerned Citizen - The Video He Tried to Hide by Sarah Schielke - The Life & Liberty Law Office on YouTube

The supervisor took issue with the man, "You may think you are defending her, but she is the one committing the crime. The business called us and said she stole from them and ran from them."

UPDATE: $3M Settlement Reached In Karen Garner Lawsuit Over Rough Arrest In Loveland

After the video of the Garner arrest got wide attention, Loveland Police Chief Robert Ticer said, "What you saw on the video is not the Loveland Police Department."

But the use of force report by the supervising officer paints a different picture.

karen garner arrest in loveland
(credit: The Life & Liberty Law Office)

"...this arrest and subsequent use of force was within policy and the minor force that was used was reasonable and appropriate for the situation," Sergeant Phillip Metzler wrote.

He was not alone. Others involved in the so-called "blue team" internal investigation also found the use of force was necessary reasonable and within policy.

Sarah Schielke, the attorney for Karen Garner and her family notes a district attorney decided differently.

"... Caused him to be charged with a class three felony assault on an at-risk adult and at the same time all of the supervisors still work there."

This violent arrest led to criminal charges against two officers, but after, Loveland police offered them support.

Just after the incident in that newly released video, Sgt. Metzler tells the man complaining about police actions, "They didn't do anything wrong. They didn't do anything wrong. She committed a crime."

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(credit: The Life & Liberty Law Office)

Garner is suing the City of Loveland and the new information and video was obtained by Schielke as part of discovery for the case. She says Garner is now living in a memory care facility in declining health.

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