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Warrant Issued For Canine Trainer Justin Paisley Following CBS4 Reports

PARKER, Colo. (CBS4) - Police issued an arrest warrant for a canine trainer doing business in Parker and Aurora. He allegedly stole thousands of dollars from clients.

Justin Paisley
Justin Paisley (credit: CBS)

The warrant comes nearly a year after CBS4 first reported on Justin Paisley, then-owner of Elite K9 Dynamics. CBS4 spoke with Kristi, who asked to not use her last name, shortly after hiring Paisley.

"He was dressed in nothing, but his dog tags and military sweatshirt," she said about their first meeting.

FAKE VET DOG TRAINER 10PKG.transfer_frame_3089
(credit: CBS)

Paisley told Kristi and other clients most of his training came from his time working as a K9 handler in the Marine Corps.

Credentials that Six Mercer, a former client, called into question after only one lesson.

"He had just tons and tons of certifications that he brought with him and all of this military training he said he had," she said.


FAKE VET DOG TRAINER 10PKG.transfer_frame_551
(credit: CBS)

CBS4 checked into his history and found no record of Paisley in the military and no training certifications from organizations he listed on his website.

Instead, CBS4 found a lengthy criminal history and time served in the Colorado Department of Corrections for theft.

"Did you ever question that any of it was false?" CBS4's Karen Morfitt asked Mercer last October.

Justin Paisley
(credit: CBS)

"Yeah, there was some questions," she said.

A few months after that interview, Parker police now want to find Paisley. According to an arrest warrant issued on August 15, "The news story sparked multiple people to call in and report theft in which Paisley was the suspect."

The affidavit says the victims paid for services that "he either fulfilled only a portion of or took the money and ran."

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(credit: CBS)

"I knew I did not have a good feeling, and it is true he is a fraud a criminal," Kristi said during an interview in February.

For those we spoke to, it was about more than money, and although six more clients are now out thousands of dollars, they echo those feelings.

In addition to felony theft, Paisley is looking at criminal impersonation charge.

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