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'Justice For Trayvon' Rally Held In Denver's City Park

DENVER (CBS4) - George Zimmerman is a free man and on Sunday people across the country protested his acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin.

Across the United States thousands hit the streets in mostly peaceful protests. Even though Zimmerman is a free man, his brothers and lawyers say he's still on edge.

"There is still a fringe element who have, at least in tweets and everything else, (said) that they want revenge," attorney Mark O'Mara said.

As people continue to express their opinions about the verdict President Barack Obama is urging everyone to remain peaceful.

A "Justice for Trayvon" rally took place at Denver's City Park on Sunday. Over 100 people gathered at the park with some even wearing hoodies on the hot day.

"We consider the verdict a tragedy, a lot of despair, disbelief," rally organizer Brother Jeff Fard said.

Under the watchful eye of Martin Luther King Jr. Fard demanded justice.

"A lot of us feel right in our gut, if Trayvon had not been a black man he would still be alive today," he said.

Fard wants his voice heard so he doesn't have to wear another face on his t-shirt.

"The verdict in and of itself, that there's a lot of work that needs to be done as it relates to justice, as it relates to race and relates to our social order," he said. "It's so difficult when we have an unarmed person and yet he was the one killed."

CBS4 Legal Analyst Karen Steinhauser says prosecutors were the ones who had a heavy burden trying to prove Zimmerman was unjustified in his actions.

"There was so much conflicting evidence in terms of what actually happened," Steinhauser said. "Conflicting evidence in terms of whose voice it was screaming for help."

The group hopes the rally will draw attention to self-defense laws across the country.

"If there are efforts to close that gap or loophole for individuals who might use that as a means to do harm to others, we want to make sure that we're paying close attention," Fard said.

The group also wants to raise money for Martin's family if they decide to file a civil suit. But Steinhauser says under Florida's self-defense law Zimmerman may be immune from civil liability.

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