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Fight Over Antivirus Software Founder John McAfee's Remains Has Connection To Colorado

(CBS4)- One of the biggest and brightest stars of the high-tech era was John McAfee the founder of McAfee antivirus software. John McAfee lived part of his life in Woodland Park.

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He died by apparent suicide behind bars in Spain. Now his daughter who lives in the Denver area has been in a dispute with a former wife of her father to have his ashes returned to her.

Shortly before his death, John McAfee addressed a Spanish court, "If I am extradited it is certain I will spend the rest of my life in prison."

Living at times on a yacht, McAfee was on the run from US authorities for tax evasion and securities fraud charges. Arrested in Spain, authorities are calling his death a suicide in jail. But his third ex-wife Janice Dyson McAfee believes he may have been murdered.

In Spain, she told reporters, "I blame the US authorities for the tragedy because of politically motived charges against him, my husband is now dead."

She and McAfee's daughter, who lives in the Denver metro area, have been fighting for his remains and personal effects.

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The daughter showed CBS4 her birth certificate and photos of her and her father when she was young. She asked us not to use current pictures or her name for security reasons.

Her attorney is Joy Athanasiou.

"She is very unhappy and very upset in being unable to receive those remains and bury him," she told CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger.

John McAfee battled alcohol and drug addiction off and on during his high-profile life. He sought the US presidency in 2016 with the Libertarian Party.

At the time he talked about his issues, "I smoked marijuana and I did inhale and I took other drugs and I did things I regretted, and who did not?"

McAfee sold his company for $100 million in 1994 it's not known if there's any left.

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CBS4 reached out to McAfee's ex-wife Janice Dyson McAfee, but have not heard back. McAfee's daughter says through her attorney that she loved her father, but did not approve of his lifestyle and her efforts are not about money. She is considering dropping the fight so that her father can be buried.

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