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11-year-old Jeremiah Fennell talks about interviewing big stars and his journey to journalism

Jeremiah Fennell on art of interview
11-year-old journalist Jeremiah Fennell on interviewing big stars 05:39

At just 11 years old, Jeremiah Fennell has already interviewed some of the greatest figures in sports, including Travis Kelce, Michael Phelps and Brock Purdy.

Despite facing significant health challenges from birth, his path to journalism has defied even doctor's expectations.

Jeremiah was born with a missing gland in his brain, a condition that doctors warned could prevent him from walking, talking or even hearing. 

His first language was sign language, but Jeremiah eventually learned how to speak and began to discover a love of sports.

"I just remember sitting on my bed watching the Raiders game, and I think seeing all the rowdy fans and seeing the players enjoy the game, I think that made me love it at such an early age," he said. "And I think ever since, I just I couldn't stop loving this work."

His doctors said Jeremiah couldn't play sports due to his medical conditions, so instead, he found his calling in journalism, combining his love for sports and curious mind. 

"My mom tells me when I was like 2 years old, I couldn't talk," he said. "But then when I'd watch a football game, I knew every word. So at 7 years old, I think I just knew the sport and I was able to commentate it well."

Jeremiah's journey from watching games with his mom to interviewing sports stars has been fast, but he said he is not overwhelmed.

"It's really just beautiful for me that I am meant to be here," he said.

He said he prepares for interviews by researching the people he is going to be speaking to and then coming up with questions he really wants to know. 

Jeremiah dreams of interviewing sports legends like Tom Brady, LeBron James and Steph Curry, and he hopes to one day commentate an NFL game. His favorite sports are football and basketball, though he occasionally enjoys watching baseball.

As for his dream job, Jeremiah is clear: he wants to continue his career in sports broadcasting.

"I definitely want to keep this career because I enjoy it very much. And I think that this can be a long-lasting career," he said.

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