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Jeanette Vizguerra Among Those Taking Sanctuary In Denver Church Ahead Of ICE Raids

DENVER (CBS4)- Immigrant advocates and sympathizers are warning about arrests in 10 cities around the country as early as Sunday. Denver is included in that list.

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One woman from Mexico has taken sanctuary in a church to avoid deportation.

When asked, "Do you feel safe in here?"

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Jeanette Vizguerra replied, "Yes, this is security."

For more than three months, Vizguerra has been living inside the First Unitarian Society of Denver church.

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On the doors, instructions are posted what to do "If ICE comes to the door" or "If ICE enters unnoticed."

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The anticipated sweep is expected to be similar to operations that authorities have regularly done since 2003. They often produce hundreds of arrests.

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This one is different because President Donald Trump announced Monday on Twitter that it would be the start of an effort to deport millions of people in the country illegally, a near-impossibility given limited resources of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which makes the arrests and carries out deportation orders.

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On the steps of the church on Thursday, an announcement was made that Vizguerra's application for a visa to avoid deportation was denied. Now comes word of possible enforcement action this weekend.

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Gabriela Flora is the program director of the American Friends Service Committee in Denver is calling for resistance.

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"We are letting people know this happening and its a balance of not creating panic we don't know how it's going to play out," she said.

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Vizguerra and others are equipped with panic buttons on their phones should immigration authorities arrive. They also have an app to connect with a lawyer if needed.

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In the past when ICE makes detentions, what's called targeted actions are unannounced. This time the president himself has announced them in advance.

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"It's horrible every time he does a campaign he tries to scare the people," said Vizguerra.

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