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Rep. Jason Crow Wants Congress To Have Access To ICE Facilities

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)- A Colorado congressman is leading an effort to give lawmakers easier access to ICE facilities. Rep. Jason Crow spearheaded the campaign after the Immigration and Customs Enforcement center in Aurora had cases of chicken pox and mumps.

(credit: CBS)

Crow, a Democrat representing Colorado's 6th Congressional District, launched the effort after he was denied access to the facility for more than three weeks.

Dormitories and pods where some 357 detainees are held for up to 25 days. Officials say they were exposed to three cases of mumps and six cases of chicken pox. ICE ordered all detainees vaccinated.

(credit: CBS)

Crow sent a letter signed by 20 House Democrats to a Homeland Security subcommittee. He wants a provision in a budget bill that gives members of Congress access to ICE facilities with 48 hours notice.

"We are entering a very dangerous time right now and it's more import than ever that Congress step up, fulfill its constitutional obligation, provide needed oversight and make sure our government is working in a way that's consistent with our community values and doing the right thing," said Crow.

Last year, Congress passed a similar law requiring juvenile detention facilities to provide access to members of Congress.

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