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'You Look Good Today. Want Snacks?': Artificial Intelligence Learns To Flirt Thanks To Colorado Scientist Janelle Shane

DENVER (CBS4)- Artificial intelligence is learning to flirt thanks to a Colorado scientist. The pickup lines generated are perfectly awkward and hilarious, too.

"You look good today. Want snacks?"

"I can tell by your red power light that you're into me."

"Can I see your parts list?"

Stephen Colbert
(credit: CBS)

Those are just a few of the sayings Janelle Shane's doting AI generated. More were also recently featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Quarantinewhile... Stephen Tries Out Actual A.I. Pickup Lines by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on YouTube

"I think the best part, for me, actually was the laughing in the background and the fact that [Colbert] couldn't keep a straight face during some of them," Shane said of seeing her work on the show. "That makes me feel pretty proud."

Shane told CBSN Denver's Kelly Werthmann she came up with this fun and flirty idea a couple of years ago. The AI couldn't quite string a complete sentence together, she explained, so Shane tried the experiment again with more modern AI.

"What I was using this time was a kind of AI that looked at a lot of Internet text and learn how to predict what comes next in any given chunk of text you get at the beginning of an article, the beginning of the sentence," she said. "It has to try to guess what the rest that is like, so it will in theory know if it's doing a cooking blog or if it's doing a new report, what kind of characters and countries it should involve."

Janelle Shane
(credit: CBS)

With the pickup lines, Shane explained the AI saw enough examples on the internet that once she gave it the introduction, it filled in the rest of the text.

"You look like a thing, and I love you," another fabulous AI pickup line. In fact, Shane like that one so much it became the title of her book.

As far as anyone using these AI lines IRL, Shane knows of at least one person who's successfully used a line or two.

"They happened to be connected on one of those internet sites with someone else who had also read the pickup lines and responded with an AI pickup line of their own," she said. "I think they hit it off through that."

Want to give an AI line a try yourself? Check out Janelle Shane's "AI Weirdness" blog – it also includes some unique candy heart messages for Valentine's Day.

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