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It's Time To Think About Sprinkler Blow Out, Lawn Winterization

DENVER (CBS4) - With temperatures in the 80s expected Tuesday a lot of people really don't want to be thinking about winter. But we've already had the first snow in Denver and everyone knows there's more to come.

From the cold to the heat and back again -- welcome to Colorado weather. Lawns all across the metro area are suffering from the equivalent of a personality disorder. One thing homeowners must do to prepare their lawn for fall is to blow out sprinkler systems. But don't do it too early otherwise it could dry out the lawn. And when done too late, it could cause frozen pipes.

Usually late September into October is the time when most folks have their sprinklers blown out. However, those who haven't blown out their might want to get that scheduled.

Warm weather can fool a homeowner. That first big freeze could sneak up on and bite the pocket book.

A blow out service costs between $50 and $100, but repairs from frozen pipes could cost thousands.

When blowing out a system, it's also an ideal time to have the lawn aerated so that it's lush and green come spring. It's also a good time to seed the lawn if there are dead patches -- as well as sod the lawn if seeding isn't enough. Fall is also a good time to negotiate a discount when planning to sign a contract for lawn-scaping -- during the slow time of the year.

If the system is already blown out, don't forget to water trees during dry, warm spells. That way you won't have to pay to have it removed and replaced.

Also, use tree wrap on young trees. That's a tree that's less than three years old, or those with light-colored bark. That will help prevent sunscald as a result of Colorado's intense winter sun.

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