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Isak Heartstone To Be Rebuilt In New Location

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) - It seems Isak Heartstone will live on in Colorado after all. The question remains, where?

Workers in Breckenridge used a chainsaw and backhoe to remove the 15-foot sculpture known as Isak Heartstone on Thursday.

troll (2)
(credit: Carl Scofield)

The work was installed on a hiking trail for a summer arts festival. Since then, throngs of troll-seekers have caused problems for nearby homeowners.

Complaints from neighbors and overuse of the trail were sighted as reasons for moving the sculpture.

TROLL'S FUTURE 6PKG.transfer_frame_389
(credit: CBS)

Danish artist Thomas Dambo posted on his Instagram that he will return to Colorado to reassemble the troll.

(credit CBS)

"????❤???? Isak Heartstone has been saved!!!! After massive protests, thousands of mails and messages, the city council finally heard us!!! Nicole from Breckenridge was able to break through the fence and salvage Isak's ❤ Heartstone. The city took him gently apart, and once the snow melts, I will be back to rebuild him in a new location. The city has given me some locations close to Isak's original home in Breckenridge where they think a stone loving troll will thrive and enjoy life. 1) Illinois Creek behind the Ice Arena or 2) Along the River Trail near the Rec Center ... or maybe YOU have a better suggestion? #Isakheartstone #breckenridge#recycledwood #wood"

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