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'Changes Your Entire Life': Isabella Thallas Remembered 2 Years After Death, Her Mother Pushes For Change

DENVER (CBS4)- The songs that played had meaning, the musician strumming the guitar, a grandfather playing with a purpose and the mother behind it all was there with memories and a message.

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"We are commemorating her and remembering her, but in light of all the recent events we want to remember all the victims of gun violence," Anna Thallas said.

Thallas hosted the memorial for her daughter Isabella Thallas who was killed two years ago to the day.

The 21-year-old was with her boyfriend, walking their dog in the Denver Ballpark neighborhood when a man with an assault rifle, that didn't belong to him, opened fire.

"Going through something like this, it changes your entire life and your perspective," she said.

While ensuring her daughter is never forgotten, Thallas has taken on a new mission since that day to bring change by bringing attention to the growing issue.

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"They wanted to honor all the victims of gun violence," she said pointing to a bench dedicated to her daughter, now blanketed in orange flowers.

The memorial was held in the park dedicated to her daughter and there Thallas brought together several families all sharing an unimaginable pain.

"Just at the wrong place at the wrong time," Maria Gubser said.

Gubser's sister Pamela was gunned down last year by a 14-year-old, she was in her car waiting on a red light.

"My sister had a son who is only 7 years old now, having a young child and explaining why his mom is not there is hard," she said.

While being with those who understand the feeling of loss brings comfort, she says it shouldn't have to happen.

"Comforting... knowing that we are not the only ones fighting for change, change needs to happen," she said.

Isabella Thallas (courtesy: Ana Thallas)

Thallas who helped advocate for changes to Colorado gun laws, specifically the penalty for those who don't report lost and stolen guns, is also pushing for better resources for the families impacted.

Help that she hopes brings more than comfort

"A sense of healing that can help bring peace to our city," she said.

Many of those resources she brought into the park for the memorial as well.

The trial for the man who murdered her daughter is set to take place in Denver in July.


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