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'Bright Smiles On Their Faces': Crews Excited As Independence Eve Nears

DENVER (CBS4) – One of Denver's biggest, and most attended, firework shows of the holiday weekend is once again expected to draw tens of thousands of Coloradans. CBS4 is a proud sponsor of "Independence Eve," a night of food, music, dancing and thousands of fireworks.

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The annual event takes place on July 3 at Civic Center Park.

To pull off the Denver tradition, thousands of man hours go into building the stage, setting up lighting and transporting fireworks to the top of the Denver City County Building.

"There are a couple thousand (fireworks)," said Stephen Czyzewski, a pyrotechnician for Western Enterprises.

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For months Czyzewski and his coworkers have worked on the show. They received a recording of the live music the Colorado Symphony plans to play at the event. From there, the set up a design for the fireworks, and made sure it matched the beat of the music.

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"Everything has been rehearsed and practiced," Czyzewski said.

Down below the team with Balzin Illuminations connected hundreds of feet of cable, and linked their programming to the lighting installed around the building. Their system allows them to do a light show on the building during the live music and fireworks.

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"Since the 1930s, this building has been lit every single year," said Tony Pier, technician for the company. "Looking back, and seeing audience members, seeing families, with bright smiles on their faces (is my favorite part)."

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Teams will work through the day on Wednesday to make sure the show is ready to go. Food trucks, a beer garden and more open at 4 p.m. Music starts at 5 p.m. The main event with fireworks will start at 9:30 p.m.

CBS4 will carry coverage of the event online as well.

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