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Hundreds Rally In Denver Over Slain Florida Teenager

DENVER (CBS4) - The mother of a teen who was shot and killed by a community watch volunteer in Florida now says authorities are trying to demonize her son by leaking damaging information about him.

Treyvon Martin, 17, was suspended from school after a small amount of marijuana was found in his backpack. During that suspension was when the fatal shooting happened a month ago on Monday.

Martin's mother says the suspension has no bearing on whether or not George Zimmerman should be charged in the shooting. Police say it's possible the information about the pot was leaked to the media, but it was not authorized.

On Monday in Denver hundreds of demonstrators marched down Santa Fe to the state Capitol in reaction to the killing of Martin. During the rally many protestors carried signs calling for an end to police brutality.

The rally's organizer says marchers in Denver are hoping the national uproar over the Martin case will lead to change in Colorado.

"Our goal today is to ask the Department of Justice to investigate Denver law enforcement on patterns and practices, and also stand with Trayvon Martin," Mu Son Chi with the Colorado Progressive Coalition said.

Denver police told CBS4's Tom Mustin they respect the protestors' right to assemble.

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