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Group Petition Against CSU's Hughes Stadium Redevelopment

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) — A group against the development proposed for the former site of Colorado State University's Hughes Stadium has asked the university to end its contract with the developer, Lennar Colorado.

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"We understand that development needs to take place. What we're concerned about is how and why that development would be there," said Mary Grant, a member of Planning Actions to Transform Hughes Sustainably (PATHS).

PATHS sent a letter to the CSU Board of Governors requesting a different developer last month. The University has no response to the PATHS letter at this time.

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CSU selected Lennar to develop the 161 acre property near Horsetooth Reservoir. The preliminary plan includes between 600-700 single family homes.

PATHS believes redevelopment should meet the needs of Fort Collins and CSU. PATHS is hoping for construction that would benefit the community, not make it larger.

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"There are over a half million people who visit Horsetooth Reservoir each year. People want something that retains the crown jewel of Fort Collins," said Grant. "We'd like a restaurant, a music venue — something that would be available for those people to use when they come and enjoy that space."

A petition against the proposed subdivision has more than 2,400 signatures. According the petition, the development would bring increased traffic, environmental stress and overcrowded schools.

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"The emergency rescue would also be a problem," added Grant, who lives nearby. She says there are safety concerns due to limited access in the event of fire or flood evacuation.

In addition to asking CSU Board of Regents to end its contract with Lennar, PATHS also requested they "reissue an RFP for a community-friendly plan that is creative, innovative and economically viable."

In a statement, University spokesperson Mike Hooker wrote:

"The terms of the purchase and sale agreement between CSU and Lennar allow the developer – with limitations - to step away from the agreement, however CSU cannot unilaterally end the contract."

The development review process with Lennar and the City of Fort Collins is still ongoing. CSU encourages the public to participate. If there are any significant developments, CSU will post updates at 

The City of Fort Collins still has to rezone the property for such a development before any construction can take place.

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