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Vaccinated? Here's How To Check If You're Eligible For Colorado Comeback Cash $1 Million Giveaway

DENVER (CBS4)- The State of Colorado has a new way you can find out if your name is registered for the Colorado Comeback Cash drawing.

There is now a hotline you can call to find out if your vaccination has been registered and you are eligible to be one of the Coloradans picked to win $1 million.

You can now call Colorado's vaccine hotline for assistance at 1-877-CO VAX CO (1-877-268-2926). In fact, CBS4 called to check to see if it worked and found the hotline responsive and able to find information within 5 minutes.

colorado comeback cash
(credit: State of Colorado)

Each of the five winners of $1 million has to be a Colorado resident and have received at least one dose of their COVID-19 vaccines.

Five total winners are being picked, with the last scheduled winner to be announced on July 7. The last day to qualify for the drawing is June 30.

The state has a second way you can find your vaccine and name through a public website portal.

"It's not a perfect portal," said Health Roth, Immunization Branch Chief of the Division of Disease Control and Public Health Response. "You have to have the data exactly match what the health care provider reported."

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(credit: CBS)

And some health care providers do not provide a phone number or email. That information is also needed.

"The big thing I want people to understand, is just because they can't find their record using this public portal does not mean their record does not exist," said Roth.

Go to to check.

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