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HOA Fines Resident For Flying His 'American' Flag

LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) - On this Flag Day there is controversy in a neighborhood in Littleton. A man says he's in a battle with his homeowners association to fly what he calls his American flag.

The HOA has now fined David Renner twice.

"It doesn't say how the pattern of stars is to be," Renner said.

Renner knows his flags -- their history and what they represent.

"In April I was flying my Gadsden flag," he said.

Neighbors complained and he got a warning.

"I went ahead and took down my Gadsden and i put up what i thought was the least offensive flag I could think of, and that was my Colorado flag," Renner said.

But that flag wouldn't fly either and a month later he got a $100 fine.

"I mean it's like, 'What state do they think we live in?' " he said.

And then earlier this month he put up a Betsy Ross flag in honor of Flag Day, but it earned the shocked homeowner another fine -- this time $200.

"It's not like I'm flying an Oakland Raiders flag or something like that."

Southbridge Townhomes Association didn't respond to CBS4's requests, but in letters to Renner they state that the display of any other flags other than the U.S. flag is not permitted

"I'm saying their rules and regulations are in violation of federal law."

Renner says the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 gives him the right to use any USA flag he wants.

"The definition for the American flag that they use is a very broad and inclusive definition."

He says all this time he wished the HOA would just back down and he has no plans to pay the fines or take down his symbol of American history and pride.

"They seem determined to resolve this only through a long, drawn out costly legal battle."

Renner says he plans to meet with the Southbridge Townhomes Association to plead his case. He is also considering getting an attorney.

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