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Mother Gets Hypothermia After Getting Lost On Hike With Son In Northwestern Colorado Wilderness

(CBS4) - Two people who went hiking on Thursday got lost in the northwestern Colorado wilderness and one of them wound up suffering from dehydration and hypothermia during their overnight ordeal. They were a mother and teenage son, and they got lost in Garfield County between Trappers Lake and Stillwater Reservoir.

They were reported missing late Thursday night. The woman's husband, also the boy's dad, said they hadn't returned from a hike. He immediately embarked on a search for them and two other hikers who wanted to help joined him. One of those good Samaritans wound up twisting their knee in the midst of the search through rugged terrain.

Two official search teams with rescuers from Garfield County and Routt County joined in the search overnight and at 7 a.m. on Friday the father reported to authorities that he was able to see where his family members were.

A medical Care Flight helicopter helped get the mother to a safe location. It also transported the injured good Samaritan. The rescue team helped out and everyone eventually reunited at Stillwater Reservoir on Friday.

The Garfield County Sheriff's Office didn't say if the mother needed to get treated at the hospital.

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