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Highway 36, I-25 Toll Rate Changes Coming

DENVER (CBS4) - The Colorado Department of Transportation is changing toll rates along Interstate 25 and Highway 36.

On average, the Highway 36 express lane tolls will increase 10 cents for off-peak usage.

The Boulder to Denver rate will decrease 40 cents to $8.35.

The Denver to Boulder rate will increase, though, 75 cents, to $8.05

The round-trip rate from Boulder to Denver will also increase by 35 cents.

CDOT says the proposed changes are to help manage congestion and to ensure reliable travel times for drivers.

"The lanes are priced to get just the right amount of people in the lanes. So they don't want too many because it will be clogged and people won't have a reliable travel time and they don't want too few. So they pick a price that gets just the right amount of people in the lane. And price is the way that we manage congestion in those lanes," said CDOT spokeswoman Megan Castle.

"So by adjusting these rates we'll have just the right amount of people in those lanes and so whether you're paying to be in there or you're carpooling and using the lane, you're going to benefit by that reliable travel time."

The changes will go into effect on Monday.

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