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Hemp Industry's Momentum Reflected At This Year's Colorado Ag Day

DENVER (CBS4) - The Agriculture industry showcased the products that make it one of the largest contributors to the local economy in its annual Colorado Ag Day celebration at the State Capitol, but this year it included one of its newest commodities: hemp.

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"The normalization of it is amazing, and it shows that we have a bright future for hemp as an economic commodity," said Carla Boyd of Hemp Way Foods. "It's going to grow the industry by leaps and bounds."

Boyd started her business when she saw the benefits of hemp for a healthier lifestyle. She says the plant protein is a super food that provides so many nutrients. She already sells her hemp burger at local grocery stores and the CityGrille in Denver. Hemp is commonly thought of as a good source for fuel and creating other products like clothing.

"It's allowing the resurgence of the small business," she said. "Hemp is food, fuel and fiber."

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Colorado Ag Day is considered one of the best events during the legislative session because lawmakers and guests get to enjoy food from members of the industry. This year Boyd was included in one of the exhibitions by serving a pesto hemp aioli with a meatball. The dish won second place in one of the contests associated with the event.

"It's an amazing taste and it's an amazing food for us to incorporate every day," she said. "They have really embraced and really worked with the hemp industry. They helped put hemp at the forefront of the farming community in Colorado."

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This event builds on the momentum the hemp industry is enjoying since it was including in the farm bill last year. Boyd hopes to see her hemp burger served at the event next year, another step in getting the country to see the commodity as food.

"I would love Hemp Way Foods on every plate in America," she said. "I would just love to see every person in America, much less the world, eating Hemp Way Foods."

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