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Heartbreaking Question Written In Girls' Bathroom Gets Dozens Of Encouraging Responses

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) -- A heartbreaking question scrawled on a wall in the girls' bathroom at Golden High School prompted an outpouring of encouraging responses.

"Is life worth all the bull****?" someone wrote on the cinder block wall in a blue pen. The anonymous message could have easily gone ignored, but instead it was soon surrounded with uplifting replies, written on colorful sticky notes.

notes 1 BLURRED
(credit: Amanda Albrecht)

Student Amanda Albrecht took photos the initial message and the inspiring replies, some of which were shared by her mother in a community Facebook group this week.

"...she was very touched when she saw it," Pam O'Connor Albrecht told CBS4. "...she said that she was so proud of her classmates for how they responded and how they responded in such a positive way."

notes 4 blurred
(credit: Amanda Albrecht)

"Yes because the people that care about you want you alive," one person wrote.

"It always gets better! You just have to be willing to put in the effort! Be proud of yourself even when no one else is!" another wrote.

notes 8
(credit: Amanda Albrecht)

"Yes because we can learn from the negative moments. Also at the end there is light," one note reads.

"Yes, because nothing lasts forever. Tears & pain are going to help you be strong I promise," another stated.

notes 5
(credit: Amanda Albrecht)

Others shared simple things that bring them joy -- like books, music, friends, family and even candy.

notes 6
(credit: Amanda Albrecht)

Albrecht told her mother the wall of sticky notes keeps growing -- and a teacher posted an additional message asking the school facilities employees not to take them down.

note from teacher
(credit: Amanda Albrecht)

"... its very inspiring!!!" Albrecht's mom told CBS4.

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On Friday, Golden High School Principal Brian Conroy said the positive response from students has been a "true blessing."

"It's taken off past our wildest dreams... our kids, even at a grass-roots level, care about each other."

Conroy said the messages are being moved out of the girls' bathroom and into a hallway, where all students will have the option to contribute and "start spreading some love."

Conroy credited the Sources of Strength group with making crucial changes around school culture and suicide prevention.

"That group should be really proud of what they've accomplished in making Golden an inclusive school," Conroy told CBS4.

Additional Resources

SUICIDE HOTLINE: 1.844.493.8255 or text TALK to 38255

Colorado Crisis Services 

Robbie's Hope Foundation 

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