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2 Hospitalized After Another Hash Oil Fire In Aurora

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) - Investigators in Aurora say a butane canister used to cook hash oil exploded over the weekend and injured two men.

Officials with the Aurora Fire Department say the incident, which happened on Saturday on the 4500 block of South Hannibal Street, was the latest in a string of hash oil fires in recent months.

Argentina Rubenstein lives in an apartment that is next door to the apartment where the explosion happened.

"You don't know the sound," she said. "(The) explosion is terrible."

Firefighters are concerned that if there were to be another fire, Rubenstein's apartment, which shares a roof with the apartment where the explosion happened, could be damaged.

"I think that is ugly and my neighbor, I'm sorry, needs to go to jail," she told CBS4.

Last year CBS4 reported on other hash oil fires in Longmont, Lakewood, Breckenridge and Colorado Springs. But in Aurora, fire officials said there have been four such fires since November.

"We hope that you can be adults and handle it appropriately and if this is something that you're doing and you're not in a common area like this, we hope you be respectful of your neighbors and people around you," Ashleigh Estrella said.

Butane is used to extract hash oil from marijuana and officials warn that it is an unstable, flammable substance. The oil is a pure form of THC and creates the high.

The conditions of the two men who were hurt hasn't been released.

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