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Harmonizing Water At Center Of Lawsuit Over Sunscreen Claims

By Jeff Todd

EVERGREEN, Colo. (CBS4)- A company and doctor from Evergreen are facing a consumer fraud lawsuit by the Iowa Attorney General.

The company, Osmosis Skincare LLC and Harmonized Water LLC, sell herbal supplements, make up and "harmonizing water." The company claims the water has the ability to cure common ailments with a few sprays into your mouth.

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(credit: CBS)

The Attorney General Tom Miller says the claims made about the water "recklessly gave consumers hollow assurances that they were protected from known health hazards."

Miller's case targets two types of water, one sunscreen called a "UV Neutralizer" and another that claims it can repel mosquitoes.

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Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller (credit: CBS)

Dr. Ben Johnson who owns and runs the companies in question says the lawsuit is just a PR stunt by the Attorney General.

"I was shocked by his cavalier attitude with it all and we intend to fight it. This technology is absolutely remarkable. So you could call it near miraculous feat," Johnson said.

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CBS4's Jeff Todd interviews Dr. Ben Johnson (credit: CBS)

Johnson says he bought a "harmonizer" from an inventor, coincidentally in Iowa, and has developed different frequencies that are absorbed by the water and in turn have beneficial powers.

"For the UV product, it's two milliliters of water about an hour to an hour and a half before you go in the sun. Within the water are cancellation waves," Johnson said.

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Dr. Ben Johnson shows off his harmonizer (credit: CBS)

"I figured out what frequencies interfere with UVA, UVB, and UVC and infrared and we put that into water. We have this incredible machine that no one else has in the world. Once you drink the water with the frequencies in it, it reaches the water in your skin an hour later and it's vibrating through the skin a series of cancellation frequencies through your skin," he said.

The bottles sell for around $40 at boutiques and skin care specialty stores.

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(credit: CBS)

"It's flat-out dangerous to consumers to make them think without any proof that this water protects them from what we know is proven—potentially cancer-causing exposure to the sun," Miller said in a press release March 14.

Johnson says his products have been studied, but Miller says those studies are under questionable terms.

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Dr. Ben Johnson (credit: CBS)

"These are double blind placebo clinical trials. The research speaks for itself and I'm really curious to hear what tact it takes when we get to court," Johnson said.

Jeff Todd joined the CBS4 team in 2011 covering the Western Slope in the Mountain Newsroom. Since 2015 he's been working across the Front Range in the Denver Headquarters. Follow him on Twitter @CBS4Jeff.

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