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Supply Chain Issues Create Scary Sight As Colordans Shop For Halloween Costumes

DENVER (CBS4)- The backup in the supply chain is not giving immunity to Halloween stores. While many costumes shops and Halloween stores are back in business, some stores like The Wizard's Chest in Denver are experiencing a shortage of products and costumes, because of supply chain issues caused by the pandemic.

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"It's affecting a little bit of last-minute re-orders, or if you're trying to get something in, specifically that's hot, we're a little lower on inventory than we have been in the past," said Kevin Pohle, the co-owner of The Wizard's Chest.

Pohle said they planned ahead and began ordering Halloween costumes in January, but some items are still back-ordered or some products just didn't arrive because of shipping issues. While business for The Wizard's Chest was slower last year during the prime of the pandemic, Pohle said once the vaccine was approved, business picked back up. He said Halloween goers are excited.

"People want to go do things this year for sure, you know. They were cooped up for a year and isolating, and so they want to once again be with friends and be out, and be about and be seen, and hopefully seen in something that makes them look cool," said Pohle.

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And many Coloradans can't wait for the holiday.

"We got a few things, we're still looking, we're excited about Halloween, passing out candy, watching all the kids, at my mom's house," said Diane Atencio and Ryan Maly, who were shopping for Halloween goods.

Kelly Jackson was at the shop looking for a hairpiece to wear for the holiday weekend.

"I was just checking out the wigs. I want to do everything but my hair this weekend," Jackson said. "I'm excited that everyone is pumped up for their parties, and that they're all vaccinated and feel ready to go out and be around people again, because that's really what it's all about."

Pohle said shoppers may not find exactly what they're looking for but they're bound to find some sort of costume to leave with.

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"Come in with an open mind and find something that you see on the shelf that you want to build around, and then build around that," said Pohle.

The Wizard's Chest is open year-round, but this Halloween weekend the shop will stay open from Friday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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