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Habitat For Humanity Volunteers Make Great Progress On 1st Day

DENVER (CBS4) - An enormous task is requiring hundreds of volunteers and even the help of a former president to finish.

The Metro Denver Chapter of Habitat for Humanity plans to build or repair nearly two dozen homes this week in the Globeville neighborhood. Monday was the first day of construction.

Habitat For Humanity
A Habitat For Humanity volunteer on Monday (credit: CBS)

In just one day the volunteers made tremendous progress, which is a good sign for the week ahead. They had their hard hats on and were swinging hammers, each one ready to build homes and change lives.

"It's a big surprise, I cannot even express myself," family partner Saba Asgedom said. "I don't know, it's so exciting to me."

Volunteers on Monday (credit: CBS)

Asgedom is ready to move into one of the homes with her family, but before she does she's putting in the work.

"I have been doing everything -- hammering, painting, siding; just most of everything," she said.

The goal for the Habitat for Humanity Carter Work Project is to complete 11 homes and repair 15.

"Twenty-six homes is a major milestone and a major achievement for Denver and for Globeville and it's really going to impact a lot of lives," Robyn Burn with Habitat for Humanity said.

In order to make sure the homes are finished by the end of the week they've had to bring in a lot of extra help. Nearly 400 volunteers are giving up a few hours, and some a few days, to make sure it happens. Gloria Patton, a local teacher, jumped at the opportunity to help.

"It's something that I really enjoy doing, just coming out and helping with groups," Patton said. "We've worked with youth groups in different areas, so it's nice to get to work in our own community for a change."

Asgedom says without the program and people like Patton she's not sure she would have ever been able to call herself a homeowner.

Adding to the 400 volunteers Denver Broncos players will be lending a hand on Tuesday. On Wednesday President Jimmy Carter and his wife will be there to help as well.

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