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6 New Proposed 'Gun Violence Protection' Ordinances Expected To Be Voted On Tuesday Night In Boulder

(CBS4) - While the country is struggling with how best to respond to increasing gun violence, the City of Boulder has their own plan.

"Would we wish that the state and federal government did this? Of course," Boulder City Council member Matt Benjamin said.

On Tuesday night, following a public input session, the council plans to vote on six different "gun violence protection" ordinances.

"I hope we hear from new people. That's always the challenge -- are we reaching new parts of our community in that public dialogue?" he said.

The proposed ordinances include a ban on all assault weapons in the city, while also prohibiting open carry of firearms, creating a 10 day wait period for purchase of a guns and raising the age to buy them from 18 to 21.

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"It's a sad state where it takes immense tragedy to drive action, even action many have known needed to be taken," Benjamin said.

Laura Carno is with the Independence Institute, which opposes the city-by-city measures, and believes the impact will be minimal.

"Criminals just don't pay attention to any of these laws regardless of what town they are in," Carno said.

She says they also have concerns about the unintended consequences, and the potential checkerboard of laws it could leave across the state.

"You might be breaking a law by crossing the street or going across town without knowing it. These really have the ability to create criminals by accident," Carno said.

Boulder, however, is not alone. Neighboring Louisville and Superior are expected to follow suit.

"Following Uvalde, shootings -- our own Boulder shooting, going back to Columbine -- all of this will lead to a tipping point where we can have a more serious conversation," Benjamin said.

While he supports those proposed ordinances the way they are, he is keeping an open mind ahead of Tuesday night's public comment.

If everything stays the same, there will be a vote and if it passes Benjamin says it would be about month before the measures are implemented.


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