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Gun Rights Advocate Creates High-Capacity Magazine Contest On Facebook

DENVER (CBS4) - After hours of debate Friday night, the state House of Representatives gave initial approval to a package of gun control measures.

The four bills include limiting high-capacity magazines to 15 rounds, a ban on concealed weapons on public college campuses, expanded background checks to include private sales of guns, and making gun buyers pay for their background checks.

Pro-gun advocates are now firing right back at lawmakers.

"What Guns For Everyone is doing is basically giving away those same magazines they're trying to ban," Edgar Antillon of Guns For Everyone said.

Antillon is doubling down on the 15 bullets limit by giving away 30-round magazines in a contest.

"We want to make a statement, let them know that they ignored us, so we're going to ignore them," he said.

Antillon created a Facebook page detailing his contest rules. His stated purpose is to rally support against House Bill 1224 as it moves on to the Senate for consideration.

The prime sponsor of the bill is Rep. Rhonda Fields, D-Aurora.

"High-capacity magazines have one purpose, and that is the rapid use and to be able to kill a large number of people," Fields said.

Fields was reluctant to comment on camera about Antillon's contest. But Rep. Claire Levy, D-Boulder, is a supporter of new gun regulations. She called the magazine giveaway "a weak attempt at a publicity stunt."

"These types of high-capacity clips have no place in our community, no place on our streets, and they have no place in our movie theaters and in our schools," Fields said.

Gun owners meanwhile are not about to retreat.

"Politicians, I don't know what they use for brains, but they sure don't have the same brain cells I have," guns shop owner Jim Fox said.

Antillon's contest may pick up speed next week when the gun control bills move over to the state Senate.

LINK: Guns For Everyone

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