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Gun Control Groups Call Colorado Towns' Gun Control Votes 'Historic'

(CBS4) - Calls for gun control are echoing in communities across the country. A number of municipalities in Boulder County will vote on a variety of gun control measures.

National gun control groups are calling votes scheduled for June 7 "historic."

Organizations founded by former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg have provided legal advice and sample ordinances to the towns and cities involved.

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It was after the King Soopers shooting in Boulder that left 10 people dead that spurred action at the state capitol. Colorado municipalities are now once again allowed to pass their own gun control laws. Colorado was the first state to do so.

Eileen McCarron is with the pro-gun control group Colorado Ceasefire. She says action is needed on every level.

"What the heck are we doing with kids buying assault weapons on their 18th birthday and murdering a mass number of people when these are weapons of war?"

Besides banning assault weapons, Boulder is also considering to prohibit the open carry of firearms, creating a waiting period for the purchase of guns and raising the age to buy them.

Laura Carno is with the Independence Institute which opposes the city-by-city measures.

"You might be breaking a law by crossing the street or going across town without knowing it, and these really have the ability to create criminals by accident."

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McCarron applauds the measures getting this far.

"In this case municipalities are saying, 'we want stronger gun laws because we want to protect the people in our community.'"

As with most any discussion on guns, opinions differ.

Carno doesn't believe if they pass they will be effective.

"I don't think any of these municipal laws are going to save lives," she said.

Boulder, Louisville and Superior are to vote Tuesday at their city council meetings on the measures.


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