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Green Valley Ranch Homeowners Deal With Hail Damage

DENVER (CBS4)- Homeowners in Green Valley Ranch are evaluating damage caused by a hail storm that targeted the area on Wednesday.

Severe storms passed through Colorado on Wednesday afternoon bringing tornadoes, hail and heavy rain. One of those neighborhoods hit hard by the storms was Green Valley Ranch in east Denver.

hail damage
Hail damage in Green Valley Ranch during a severe storm in 2014. (credit: CBS)

Homeowners watched the hail pummel their homes, fences and cars as several inches of hail piled up on their lawns, driveways and sidewalks.

Michelle Zarbock said her husband called her before she came home to warn her about the damage.

"Oh, my God. I want to prepare you for what you're about to see," Michelle quoted her husband.

The storm left barren trees in its path, leaves torn from branches littered lawns, sidewalks and vehicles. Several vehicles suffered hail damage.

The damage that left the biggest impact was what the hail did to the siding of homes.

"I just cried. I looked at my neighbor and he looked at me and I just balled," said Michelle.

"You know, it's heart filling because you go out and have BBQs with these people and you go out and you're like, 'Man, your house,'" said neighbor Steven Gonzales.

Many homeowners have contacted their insurance agents about the damage.

Michelle said she's not letting the storm get in her way from celebrating during the Memorial Day weekend.

"He said the grill still works and I said, 'Well, then we're having a BBQ.' We try not to let things like this dampen what we're going to do, dampen our spirits," said Michelle.

There were five confirmed tornadoes in the Denver metro area on Wednesday but no serious damage was reported.

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