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Nonprofit School Opens Doors For Struggling Students

GRAND LAKE, Colo. (CBS4) - Old wooden boats left to rot away are once again being brought to life thanks to some high school students and a community working together.

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"If I didn't come out here I would have no clue about boats," said Malik Simpson, a freshman at Middle Park High School.

Simpson has a hard time focusing on school work inside a classroom. On Monday, he sanded down peeling varnish on the side of a boat.

wooden boat school
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"I have ADHD. I was always getting kicked out of class for being disruptive, but here they work with you with your issues. It's a good place," Simpson said.

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(credit: CBS)

Rocky Mountain Wooden Boat School, a nonprofit, is partnering with local high schools and their "Crew" programs to bring these students to Grand Lake. There they learn what it takes to refurbish the old boats.

"It's fun to work with the kids. It's a challenge," said Ken Fucik, an instructor at the nonprofit.

Community members donate the boats for the students to learn how to rebuild.

(credit: CBS)

"Give these kids an opportunity to learn craft skills and to be exposed to different things," Fucik added.

It's taking what was old and broken and making it better.

Once the group of students finishes up rebuilding their small sail boat, they will get out on the lake to learn how to sail as part of the program.

LINK: Rocky Mountain Wooden Boat School

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