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Granby, Colorado, where a bulldozer rampage happened 20 years ago, sends special message to community

Colorado town where bulldozer rampage happened 20 years ago sends message to community
Colorado town where bulldozer rampage happened 20 years ago sends message to community 00:21

The Colorado mountain town of Granby shared a message with community members on Wednesday about the infamous bulldozer rampage that happened there 20 years ago.

"It's impossible to ignore the impression this event has had on those who were here twenty years ago and the continued impact this history has on our current community," Mayor Josh Hardy said in a statement. 

Some Remember Granby Bulldozer Rampage 15 Years Later by CBS Colorado on YouTube

Leaders are hoping that with the 20 year mark coming up next Tuesday, people will choose not to focus on the destruction but instead remember the importance of safety and mental health in their "resilient and supportive community." They will be increasing the town's police presence in upcoming days. The town hall will also be closed on June 3-5.

Bulldozer rampage 20 years later: Colorado helicopter crew recounts capturing the footage 12:30

On June 4, 2004, a disgruntled resident of Granby went on a destructive tear across the Grand County town in a bulldozer he reinforced with steel plates. His name was Marvin Heemeyer and officials said he was angry about a zoning dispute. He killed himself after spending an hour-and-a-half causing $5 million in damage to buildings and knocking over trees.

First responders tried to convince Heemeyer to stop and fired weapons at the Komatsu D355-A but were unable to prevent him from destroying 13 buildings, including several businesses.

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"Town officials are reminding the entire community that violence and destruction do nothing but hurt the Granby community," the town's statement reads.

Hardy said "Safety was, is, and will be one of Granby's highest priorities. We remain intolerant of violence and destruction of any kind."

Granby is encouraging any residents who are need of mental health resources to contact Mind Springs Health. They also encouraged people who might be having a mental health crisis or know someone who is to call the Colorado Crisis Services hotline at 844-493-8355.

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