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Graffiti Vandal Leaves Trail Of Evidence On Social Media

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) - A prolific vandal responsible for nearly 250 graffiti taggings left his mark across Colorado Springs, according to investigators.

Police say 25-year-old Kale O'Donnell committed hundreds of cases of vandalism, costing thousands of dollars to clean up.

Kale O'Donnell
Kale O'Donnell (credit: Colorado Springs Police)

"This gentleman, he put it on buildings, he put it on signs, bridges," said Mark Davis of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Not only was it all over downtown, from mailboxes to the walls of local businesses, but they also found it online. That's how police said they were able to track down their suspect.

CO springs graffiti cleanup
(credit: CBS)

Investigators said several complaints of graffiti -- all with the same tag -- prompted them to take a closer look.

The same inscription seen splashed across town was found online, and being touted by the suspect on his social media accounts.

"We were able to meet with our crime analysis people. Followed some of the social media links, and we identified a suspect," said a Colorado Springs police officer.

In his most recent post, O'Donnell tells his followers he's now on hiatus. It could end with a felony for the more than $15,000 in damage he's accused of causing.

O'Donnell is currently out on bond. When CBS4 stopped by his home to attempt to speak with him, we were told he was not home and have not received a response.

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