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Good News For Cyclists With Bike Path's Grand Opening

By Alan Gionet

GENESEE, Colo. (CBS4) - It seems like it's taken as long as a tricycle ride across the country, but the new bike path finally opened between Genesee and Evergreen Wednesday afternoon. This means bicyclists no longer have to ride along Interstate 70 in the stretch. It also means bikers can now go from Denver to Glenwood Springs without having to ride along traffic on I-70.

The 2.4 mile concrete path takes bikers from where Highway 40 ends at Genesee by the Buffalo Overlook to near the bottom of the Evergreen Parkway exit. From there, bikers hang a right at the El Rancho Restaurant and head for old Highway 40. This is that last leg of a bike path connecting Denver to the mountains.

(credit: CBS)

Bikers still have to climb Loveland Pass on Highway 6, but after the completion of a path near Bakerville in recent years, another near Idaho Springs and now this final leg, there's no more riding on a superhighway.

The project experienced delays in getting funding and in construction. It features a bridge that serves as a bison overpass to allow the buffalo to cross from the south side of I-70 to the north to pastures where bikers can spot them grazing at times. It also includes a buffalo overlook near where the path passes the start of Beaver Brook trail.

(credit: CBS)

There are restrooms at the trailhead, but biking is prohibited on the trail. The bike trail winds its way through the old picnic area by Chief Hosa and ends near the Alpine Rescue headquarters. Some of it is steep, according to CBS4's Alan Gionet, but a lot better than biking on I-70.

Alan Gionet is anchor of the CBS4 Morning News and reports on a wide variety of issues and "Good Question" stories. He started at CBS4 in 1994. Follow Alan on Twitter @AlanGTV.


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