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GoFundMe Launched For Native American Students Who Were Questioned During Tour

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) - A woman has developed a GoFundMe page for two Native American young men who were questioned by police at Colorado State University during a campus tour.

CSU NATIVE AMERICANS 5PKG.transfer_frame_0
(credit: CBS)

The woman behind the GoFundMe page, Martha Denney, says she worked at CSU for 35 years and knows that the people there are some of the finest she's met.

"I try to imagine how a seven hour return trip without their parent and with deflated dreams must have felt to them," said Denney.

csu body cam
CSU campus police body cam video (credit: YouTube)

On Monday, Thomas and Lloyd Gray made the trip from New Mexico to Fort Collins to visit the university.

The two showed up late, but joined the group without a problem.

A parent on the tour got nervous about the young men and called campus police.

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The teenagers were pulled aside by officers and questioned causing them to get separated from the group.

Lorriane Gray and Thomas Gray
Lorriane Gray and Thomas Gray (credit: CBS)

"Thomas called me frantic, (saying) 'Somebody called the police on us, because we were quiet,'" Lorraine Gray, the mother of the boys, said.

Following the fallout, the university offered to reimburse the brothers for the expenses they incurred traveling. They'd also like to bring them back for an all-expenses paid VIP tour.

Denney says the money raised on GoFundMe will go toward the "expenses related to visiting schools, buying books, etc."

Editor's Note: The GoFundMe link has been removed from this story. The fundraiser has been discontinued.

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