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Goat Seems To Have Joined Elk Herd In Colorado

LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) -- A domestic goat has been hanging out with a herd of elk west of Loveland. On Tuesday, the Colorado Department of Wildlife tweeted a video of the goat crossing a road with several elk.

"This is not typical behavior for elk to interact with other animals," officials tweeted. "For the most part they keep to themselves, but that being said both elk & goats are herd animals."

According to the Loveland Reporter-Herald, the goat and the elk have been spotted together multiple times along U.S. 34, Glade Road, and in the neighborhoods on the west side of the Devil's Backbone.

One person told the paper he saw the elk protecting the goat from a few coyotes.

Josiah Engblom said he saw coyotes chasing the elk and the goat near U.S. 34 on Saturday morning. Engblom said the goat stuck close to the elk, and the elk did an "about-face."

"The elk stood up on his hind legs, boxing up. The goat was right next to the elk for defense," the paper quoted Engblom as saying. "The coyotes just kind of gave up."

Another resident told the paper the goat has become a local legend.


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