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Hundreds Of Goats Used To Help With Fire Prevention

CASTLE PINES, Colo. (CBS4) - Hundreds of goats were put to work to hep with fire prevention.

On Saturday, the animals munched away at weeds and dry brush that pose a fire risk to homes.

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(credit: CBS)
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(credit: CBS)

"The greatest benefit of having goats do this work with the scrub oak is that it's a positive mitigation experience," said Einar Jensen with South Metro Fire Rescue. "So instead of  having people go out with chainsaws or hand saws, and that's a very labor intensive effort, or having a tractor out here with a large grinder on the front of it chewing through the oak with the diesel smoke and the diesel sound, we have 300 goats doing the same work."

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Einar Jensen (credit: CBS)

One of those includes a baby born days ago. It is quickly learning the family business.

The goats will continue their work in five different communities over the next few weeks.

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(credit: CBS)
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