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As FTC Looks Closely At Supply Shortage, Colorado Company Helps Consumers Navigate The Waters

DENVER (CBS4) - Consumers in Colorado and other parts of the country are feeling the effects of supply chain shortages on their wallets. The Federal Trade Commission is ordering large retailers and wholesalers to provide information that will help better understand chain disruptions.

(credit: CBS)

The orders are being sent to retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Kroger. Other large companies like Procter & Gamble Co., Tyson Foods and Kraft Heinz Co. are also being asked to comply.

Companies are asked to detail the main issues disrupting their ability to obtain, transport and distribute products.

Mamenta is Denver-based global trade platform that helps brands expand globally. VP of Marketing Cue Orr says they expect the supply chain issues to go on through the next year.

"It's impacting everybody across the board, from cosmetic companies to baby food to electronics, we've seen it happen to all of our customers," said Orr.

While people aren't stockpiling items like they were in March 2020, Orr says many consumers are still buying more than they need just to assure they'll have enough in the future.

"Now that there's scarcity, people want to order more and be sure that they're getting the product that they want," said Orr. "Customers are increasingly bracketing, which is when they buy multiple products in different colors and different sizes. They take those home and hold on to those for two, maybe four weeks before returning them. That's also causing an increased shortage."

Mamenta helps consumers gain access to products that they may not have been able to before and their work has accelerated with the pandemic.

"Once everything with COVID and the variants dies down and allows people to get back to work around the globe, we're hopeful things will get back to some type of normalcy," said Orr.

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