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Frontier Passenger Gets Frightening Trip Over Mountains On Video

DENVER (CBS4) - A passenger's video shows a frightening trip over the Colorado mountains. The Frontier Airlines jet lost cabin pressure, descended, and was diverted back to Denver.

Frontier Flight 787 left Denver International Airport for Las Vegas Friday night. Something went wrong over Aspen and the plane descended.

The Frontier Airbus 319 was at 36,000 feet, roughly over Leadville. Passenger Andrew Voss was watching his flight monitor in front of him showing them nearing Aspen when out the window the mountains started getting closer and closer and the oxygen masks dropped down due to an onboard computer malfunction.

The oxygen masks dropped due to a slow loss of pressure. Some passengers could be heard crying.

Voss of Fort Atkinson, Wis. recorded video of the incident.

"People crying, people really hyperventilating and after we got out of the mountains they announced there was a cabin pressure failure," Voss asid.

Aviation safety consultant Steve Cowell says while it was a disturbing event for the passengers, it was handled by the book.

"The passengers were never in danger. What they have to realize is the pilots were up front with their masks on and they are initiating procedures they are trained for and practice every six months," Cowell said.

"While this was a frightening event for many passengers on the flight, there was no rapid decompression in the cabin or structural damage to the aircraft. The passengers and crew were never in danger," a Frontier spokesperson told CBS4.

The plane and its passengers returned safely to Denver.

Vos said someone shouted, "We're going down," and people became quite upset. The plane was met by emergency equipment back at DIA.

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