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'Fourth Wave' In Colorado: Gov. Jared Polis Warns State Is Seeing Significant Increase In COVID-19 Cases

DENVER (CBS4) -- Gov. Jared Polis said we are experiencing a fourth wave in COVID-19 cases and called it "a time of great concern in Colorado."

"We are back over 400 hospitalizations -- 404 of our fellow Coloradans are hospitalized with COVID right now. This is the first time since Feb. 19 that we've been over 400," Gov. Polis said during a news conference on Friday.

Polis said our hospitals are not approaching capacity, but said the increase is significant.

"We have plenty of capacity, we are not at hospital capacity, but this increase is a great alarm," Polis said.

"We also identified 1,935 new positive cases yesterday, that's also the highest it's been in a long time," Polis stated.

He encouraged everyone who has symptoms to get tested and isolate until the results are in.

He also implored everyone to continue following the public health orders until mid-to-late May, when everybody who wants a vaccine will be able to get it.

"Over the next few weeks and months, especially if you haven't been vaccinated, please wear a mask, whenever you're around others, and avoid social gatherings," Polis urged.

"So please, let's be careful. Our country's experiencing the fourth, and, you know, I don't think I'm too optimistic in saying this, I think it's the fourth and final wave," Polis said. "I don't expect there'll be a fifth wave."



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