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Former Wednesday's Child Finds Forever Family

DENVER (CBS4) - Every week, CBS4 profiles a child who lives in foster care and hopes for an adoptive family. CBS4's favorite stories are when we can profile a child who was a Wednesday's Child but then found a forever family.

LINK: A Day for Wednesday's Child

Gerardo is just one of those stories. He polishes a 2011 Ford Mustang. It's his pride and joy.

"It's my baby," Gerardo said with a laugh.

D4WC Gerardo 2
Gerardo with his 2011 Ford Mustang. (credit CBS)

It's a symbol of his success. A right of passage that he achieved with the help of his father.

"My Dad co-signed that for me in 2013," Gerardo explained.

David Gill is the dad Gerardo found after 11-years, and 19 placements in the foster care system. Like many foster care kids, Gerardo had given up.

D4WC Gerardo 1
Gerardo with his dad, David Gill. (credit CBS)

"I never gave up on the idea that I could be something. I just gave up on the idea that I was going to find a home," Gerardo told CBS4.

Gill first saw Gerardo when he was featured on CBS4's Wednesday's Child. In the segment, which aired about 5 years ago, Gerardo talked about wanting to be on a SWAT team, or going into the army. He said that he like service. It was what caught Gill's attention.

"I kind of was interested in it from the stand point that he was very interested in law enforcement which is what I'm apart of," Gill explained.

The connection was immediate.

"He is just a wonderful, wonderful son to have," Gill told CBS4.

The adoption was transformative.

Gerardo Adoption Pic
Gerardo on his adoption day. (credit: David Gill)

"It allows for me to be successful without having to worry about having to switch placements every two-seconds," Gerardo said.

Now they're a team, working on taxes for Gerardo's income. He's going to college for criminal justice, and facing all that life dishes up.

"I finally found my forever home."

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