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For Sale On eBay: 'Tebowing' Grilled Cheese

ROANOKE, Va. (CBS Denver) – As one eBay auction proves, Tebowmania comes in all forms. The latest? Burnt grilled cheese sandwiches.

A burnt grilled cheese sandwich featuring the now-unmistakable image of the Denver quarterback kneeling in prayer, or "Tebowing," is up for auction on eBay. Since the auction started Jan. 14, bidding has reached $85 – as of this posting -- with 46 separate bids being made on the bumbled lunch-turned-must-have eBay item of the moment.

Last Saturday, a New England Patriots fan in Roanoke was hastily making himself a grilled cheese, admitting in his eBay post that his sloppy application of the butter wasn't going to make the sandwich something to remember. The Patriots were playing Tebow's Broncos later that day. "I was not exactly expecting a work of art for a sandwich," the seller wrote, adding that Sunbeam white bread and Kraft American cheese were used for the sandwich.

But when he flipped the sandwich, he found that the butter application gave way to the Tebow-like image, what the bidder calls, "The Grilled Tebow."

"Stunned...I found myself wondering what the meaning was of this sandwich," the male seller wrote in the ad. "A sign from God? A cry for help from my lousy frying pan to be replaced? A warning of doom since I'm a Patriots fan? A ridiculous coincidence? I don't know.

"But the one thing I DO know is that I must share my sandwich masterpiece with the world, and would love for it to find a good home from somebody who's a much bigger Tim Tebow fan than myself."

No word yet as to whether the sandwich is still edible.

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