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Food Truck Operator Devises Solar-Powered Ice Chest Air Cooling System

DENVER (CBS4) - How have you been beating the heat these days? The operators of a food truck in Denver recently discovered a way to cope with the way above average temps that have been making it feel like an oven in their truck.

El Taco Veloz Food Truck (1)
(credit: CBS)

"It's like cooking in a hot box sometimes," Esai Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez, along with partner Fernando Montero, run the El Taco Veloz Food Truck. They told CBS4 their truck's small generator makes it impossible to run the air conditioner and the grill at the same time.

El Taco Veloz Food Truck (2)
(credit: CBS)

"We just try and send out food really quickly. The name Taco Veloz literally means the speedy taco," he said.

Montero whipped up an interesting contraption to deal with their temperature situation. He attached a fan to a chest filled with ice and uses it to cool things down.

El Taco Veloz Food Truck (4)
(credit: CBS)

"The good thing is that it's solar powered," Montero said.

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CBS4 meteorologist Ashton Altieri reports that the heatwave in Colorado will be easing up somewhat starting Thursday.

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