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Sniper Training Underway In Folsom Field To Prepare For Possible Stadium Emergencies

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)- Folsom Field in Boulder is the location for three days of sniper training. Local and national police agencies are included in the exercise May 11-13.

FOLSOM FIELD TRAINING 12VO .transfer_frame_255
(credit: CBS)

The University of Colorado is warning neighbors that they could hear gunfire in the stadium and surrounding areas. Participants will be firing live rounds of ammunition into specialized steel traps.

FOLSOM FIELD TRAINING 12VO .transfer_frame_967
(credit: CBS)

The training exercise provides the opportunity for the University of Colorado Police Department and members of regional agencies to train together. It focuses on responding to emergencies in stadiums like Folsom Field and other public venues to prevent mass casualties.

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