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E85 Offers Savings On Gas But Drivers Must Have The Right Type Of Car

DENVER (CBS4)- There is a way drivers can save a lot of money per gallon on gasoline, but they have to have the right type of car. CBS4's Rick Sallinger shares his experience with "flex fuel" or E85.

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"Look at the prices I can save $1.40 a gallon," I said to myself.

That's right if your car has "flex fuel" that means it takes the fuel called E85.

"The cost is $4.89 a gallon if I get unleaded, but $1.40 less if I get E85," I remarked.

So why is this gas that comes out of the yellow handle so much cheaper than unleaded? Sallinger asked AAA which tracks the gas prices.

Skyler McKinley, a AAA spokesman told CBS4, "E85 is produced using a lot of domestic biofuels a lot more ethanol than can be produced with corn grown here in the United States."

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McKinley says E85 has government subsidies and not subject to the same vagaries of the crude oil market. At one gas station, the owner said E85 is now accounting for 25% of his sales.

Michael Wentz was filling up his Ford with E85, "I just learned about it a few weeks ago and it's actually cheaper."

E85 is in such demand with the much lower prices CBS4 saw a fight nearly break out over who got to the pump first.

But, be sure E85 can go in your car.

McKinley warns, "Don't take the risk because if you put it in a vehicle that is not E85 compatible it can be more catastrophic than anything you might have done."

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I found E85 gas even cheaper, $3.29 a gallon at another gas station. The average price for unleaded in the Denver metro area is now $4.83. A note: the mileage you get with E85 may not be as good.

LINK: E85 Fuel Locations


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