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Fire Breaks Out At Coors Brewery In Golden, Plant Operations Unaffected

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) - A fire broke out at the Coors Brewery in Golden late Thursday morning. There are no reports of any injuries and the Associated Press reported that plant operations weren't affected.

Wood planks were burning on top of a 16-story silo, according to authorities. Firefighters had to haul hoses up onto the roof of the structure and also up a large outdoor staircase to spray water on the flames.

Flames could be seen from outside the large facility, but the fire appeared to be affecting only a small portion of it.

Adolph Coors and Jacob Scheuler started the Coors Brewery in Golden in 1873. In the early 2000s, acquisitions and joint ventures meant the Coors family gave up much of the leadership and the name became Molson Coors. Company offices remained in Denver until last October. That's when the company announced it would eliminate its downtown Denver presence as Chicago became the North American operational headquarters.

Coors light beer
Coors Light (credit: CBS)

The brewery in Golden remains in operation.

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