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Approved: Commercial Development Near Dinosaur Ridge

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) - The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners approved a modified version of the rezoning of land near Dinosaur Ridge on Tuesday that will include some commercial development.

The C-470/Alameda Northwest Rooney Ranch Business Center has been the subject of contentious debate for months. Jeffco commissioners hope the compromise will satisfy all parties involved.

(credit: CBS)

"It's a county of all of us working together and I believe we thought that was the best compromise that worked for the county as a whole," said Jefferson County Commissioners chairwoman Libby Zabo.

Earlier this month, rezoning was approved "with addition of only some of the proposed uses including hotels, motels, gas stations, and car washes, and excluding car dealership uses."

(credit: CBS)

The area in question has been approved for commercial zoning for the past decade but some residents wanted the land changed back to agricultural to preserve the area that includes fossils on Dinosaur Ridge.

"We think this is a good project in which to go ahead and begin the development and create jobs, create tax base and so we appreciate the amount of time that staff and the commissioners and the planning commission put into it," said 3 Dinos investor Greg C. Stevinson.

Dinosaur Ridge
(credit: CBS)

Now that the decision is final, 3 Dinos plans to proceed with development.

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